Noonberry the Were-Gryphon (one of the main characters)

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Songs of the Levonites is a series of books I am writing. I am Everett Ratcliffe (Modsiw Revol), the creator of these books, and soon the first will be coming out. I hope you all like them and post theories that I can read andgat ideas from... and also to see just how many people like my book and have read it. Well, enjoy my site and have a great time exploring the land of Wen'efil!

The Songs of the LevonitesEdit

This Wikia page is sort of like a guideline that shows new characters, places, and things in the world of Wen'efil. Sadly, as this page takes off, you may not want to read it, as there may be spoilers in the theories and forums. But the other places may cointain information taht you may not have noticed in the book, like whom is related to whom.

Latest activityEdit

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