Template:Other-use name=Noonberry the Wisdom

species=Wisdom Gryphon


age=Three Months


eyes=Deep, Sparkling Blue

affiliation=Faragorn (Wisdom), The Pupils,|

Noonberry the Wisdom was the female Gryphon Wisdom of Faragorn.


Faragorn found Noonberry's egg when he was in a forbidden room. His twin brother, Nrael, gave it to him as a belated birthday present, and only hours later it hatched, revealing Noonberry the first time. She was named Noonberry because of her love of noonberries. She became mentally connected to Faragorn at only a few days old, and then learned to fly. Two months later she was able to take on a humanlike form.


Noonberry learned to fight and do other things by Nohj, Retep's Were-Wisdom. HEr training consisted of swordplay, cooking, reading, advanced flight, and the Were-Wisdom Shift.



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